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Andrew01                                                                                         Visitors: 13727
Camboda ID: Andrew01
USER NAME: Kim, Andrew01
LOCATION: Ottawa, Ontario. Canada



Andrew01 loves and supports all kinds that he has to all women on this world, he considering that women are kindly and honestly to all matter the men have secret plans to cheat on them. That's why Andrew01 feels so sympathy and fascinate to all women. especially the women who are living in villages, those women are so true and more respect...all them talking are from their bottom hearts and frankly talking, they have no higher ambition in their lives at all, the only they wish to have a kinda man who take care and true love to her in this life. A part from that, they wanted to have a man who don't let her feel lonely and so much thinking or headaches. That's all the village women wanted...

Andrew01 loves you all all are in my side and I protect you all in all cost...You all can count on me!!!

Andrew thanks you all very much for visit his profile, after you all decide to get out from here please leave some messages to Andrew, He will be appreciated and pleasured more then ever!!!

Andrew wishes you all are happiness and stable lives IF you seeking for soul mates, good luck and all dreams come true to all...
Maybe you all dunno about Andrew so much te...he's a funny man and loves to flirt to all zey zey and event poz poz too.

Taking good care and have a wonderful day everyone!!! See you around...muah muah muah muah muah!!

Andrew is a Male, but most people considered that he's a Female.Keke
But he doesnt fed up at all....Andrew likes to walk around the field and
looks into the high sky.
Andrew has been arrived in Canada (1990), First land off in Hull Quebec,
Then he moved to Toronto for awhile, he now moved back to Ottawa in
Andrew was born in Phom Bannon, Battambang Province, Cambodia, his parents
moved to live in Kampuchea krom since he about 8-9 months, He grew up
in Kampuchea krom(renamed: South Vietnam). when he grew up in a country
was full of Communist Regime surrounded, he graduated grade 12 of
Vietnamese Language while he's a Monk...
Andrew became a Refugee in ThaiLand Camp (1985-1990). He woked as
a volunteer for a few Countries as liked as USA, Australia, Canada, UN and
Cao Dai Temple. He had a Private School teaching Viet Language
to Khmer's for the Cambodian who planned to meet IGA Embassy. And he
teaching for Teenagers who already accepted by the Australia Embassy,
He also Teaching the students Elementary for USA Organization, Teaching
English and Translating from VietLanguage to Khmer's in Cao Dai Temple,
and alot of thing.
Andrew became Canadian Citizen in (1995) hohhohohooOOOOoo!!
he ables to speak 3 Languages as: Cambodia, Youn and english
Andrew arrived in Canada (1990). He Graduated HS and Microcomputer
Electronic Technology Campus College local(Diploma).He worked as
Assembler for 6 years in Digital Equipment Co-Operated in Kanata, Then
he moved to live in Toronto after a Company was closed. He now walking around on the air and looking zey zey sa-art kekekekkekeek.

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